XCOM 2 guide: Skills of classes and tips


Abilities of soldiers in XCOM 2 represent a most valuable weapon of your team in the fight against the aliens. Each of the four classes of soldiers has two different ways of development that can create unique builds. Psi-Operative is a mixed approach to development.

Anyway, knowledge of every skill tree is advantageous in respect of both initial skills that may interact with later. This guide provides information on the skill tree for each class and the indication is particularly powerful combination, as well as their impact on the battle.

XCOM 2 Ranger Abilities and tips

Basic skill: (Slash) — attack the enemy in motion by the sword.


Scout Abilities

Offensive abilities



Sword master


When a unit is opened, the fighter remains invisible

Deals 2 damage from all attacks with a sword


Strike from the shadows

Step into the shadows


Being hidden, it gets 25 to the sight and +25 Critical Chance

This soldier is not detected by posts and does not cause fire back



Run and Shoot


Immediately enter the stealth — time for the mission

Action after a rush





Additional traffic if you get one or more of the murder for your turn

Free sword attack to any enemy in melee


Deep cover



If you do not attack each turn, you are automatically hidden.

If you killed the enemy of your turn, the next enemy attack will lose.


Quick fire



Shoot at the enemy twice. Every shot it gets -15 accuracy. No cooldown

Chain melee attacks, where the first will necessarily get to the target. Each murder Reaper mode gives extra action, but further attacks do less damage.

Ranger tips:

  • Basic ability (Slash) can be used even after the run, which is especially useful for the squad in the early missions to finish off weakened enemies.
  • Deep shelter does not sound like a good skill, yet do not use it with the Overwatch mode, turning the passive protection in attacking formation.
  • Additional actions by Reaper — a great bonus, but the main thing is a guaranteed hit, when you exactly need to finish off the enemy, or lose a life for yourself

XCOM 2 Grenadier Abilities and tips

Basic skills: Release grenade — Grenadier uses a grenade launcher to release a grenade, instead of shots. This increases the range and capacity.


Explosives expert

Heavy Weapons


Protection from explosion



Additional points of armor and 66% less damage from explosives

Your gun destroys armor





Destroy the enemy’s hideout. It does not deal damage.

Strong fire, forcing the enemy to take cover, providing you with a fire reaction, if he moves and reduces the enemy’s accuracy at -50


Heavy ammunition



Grenade in the slot gets a bonus of Use

Any direction of the shot from a cannon, even the past, said the purpose of increasing the accuracy of the order against it on +15


Explosive mixture

Chain shots


Pomegranates get 1 extra cell radius and +2 damage

Shot with accuracy at -15. If you find yourself, you automatically shoot at the target again



Hail of lead


Start or throw of grenades, use of heavy weapons in the first action will not end your turn

Mandatory hit, but it uses a lot of ammunition


Intense fire



Conical stream of bullets on all enemies in the area. Shelter of enemies can be destroyed. It uses three units of ammunition

Critical Damage and +3 to all attacks on targets

Grenadier tips

  • From an economic point of view, heavy ammunition is excellent when using specialized explosives.
  • The circuit works fine shots with modifications to increase accuracy.

XCOM 2 Specialist Abilities and tips

Basic skills: Protocol Support — say GREMLIN to go to the friendly target, providing protection bonus before the next player’s turn.


Combat Medic

Combat Hacker


Medical protocol

Battle protocol


GREMLIN can cure remotely. With the first-aid outfit it gets two charges

Aim GREMLIN at the enemy. Guaranteed inflicts damage (more than against the robots)


Revitalizing protocol

Protocol violations


Send the GREMLIN an ally to relieve the negative mentalnoo status — disorientation, stunning, panic or loss of consciousness

You can attack the robots and mechanical enemies for their hack.


Field medic

Scanning protocol


2 kits of additional charge

Instant scanning, increase the radius of the course Specialist and a manifestation of hidden enemies


Fire cover

Threat assessment


Overwatch can be activated by the action of the enemy, rather than move.

It protects the target sheltering fire, but increases the cooldown protocol support on one turn


Constant vigilance



Overwatch-shot in the case of waste of all points on the movement

With each successful Overwatch shot, 50% chance to generate additional



Vacuum condenser


GREMLIN flies to the members of the unit, curing or standing up

Send GREMLIN in the region, where it produces electric discharge, dealing damage and stunning enemies possible. Robots receive more damage


Tips for specialist

  • Use GREMLIN abilities as a first move action does not close
  • The field medic and medical protocols provide four charges from one first-aid kit, allowing you to remotely heal allies
  • Violations of the protocol allows the turret to disable the entire mission
  • Scanning protocol allows people to search for and disclose faceless

Sniper Abilities and Tips

Basic skills: Team vision — aiming at the enemy, which is located in the area of your companion’s review. 





Far Sight

Return fire


Enables Overwatch a team vision

If the enemy is aiming at you automatically shoot at him with a pistol once per move


Deadly eyes

Quick hands


Weak aiming, but a huge loss

Attack of the gun is not necessary actions


Death from a height



Killing an enemy with a rifle using the height is only one action, not finishing move

A shot of a gun as a first move action does not finish


Deadly zone



The reaction shot against an enemy that moves or attacks in the field of fire

One shot from a pistol on all visible enemies


Strong hands



If you have not moved for the last move, sight +10 and +10 Critical Chance

Squatting gives 20 to the sight of the first shot on the next move



Fire Whirl


A powerful series of shots. For every kill with a rifle, action points return

Shoot a gun three times on the same target

Tips for Sniper

  • Deadly Eye lowers accuracy by 25%, increasing damage taken by 50%
  • Deadly Zone allows you to choose the viewing area, which will automatically hit the enemy. Especially effective in combination with the upgrades shop to have enough ammo. Also, this skill combined with the ability to destroy grenadier shelter or saturated fire
  • Arrow branch is one of the most effective combinations in the game. With the right location on the battlefield and modified weapons, a veteran shooter can in one stroke destroy several enemies.

Psi operative’s abilities and tips

Basic skills: a random selection of Stasis / Soul Fire / Madness / Inspiration








Telepathic attack causing adverse effects, including target control

Additional bonus to close ally action


Rape of Soul

Stasis Shield


Soul Fire turns half damage to the health of operatives

Stasis can be put on the allies, making them immune to attacks for one turn





Operative is surrounded by an aura of blocking the negative mental effects on themselves and nearby comrades

With too much of the damage taken, Operative part of the stasis at one step, health reduced to 1 HP. Powered time for the mission





Small guaranteed damage inflicting effect on the target breaking

Immune to fire, poison, acid and explosives.





If the enemy has an explosive, it can undermine it.

Permanent control of the enemy. Successfully only once per mission.


Spear Nether

Break the Void


A powerful beam that causes damage to everything that passes through. It can pierce a number of enemies and obstacles

An explosive field of psionic energy. The organic enemies can pick up madness

Tips for Psi-operatives

  • Stasis — stuns the enemy at one step, making it invulnerable to damage on the move
  • Soul Fire — guaranteed Psi damage to organic enemies, ignoring armor and shelter
  • Unlike other soldiers Psi ability is not exclusive, in theory you can learn all the skills in the tree, if you have enough time and resources. Psi abilities cannot be opened in order. You get a choice of three random from the list, and then to proceed with the training. Training may be interrupted if you want to send operatives on a mission. They will continue training after.
  • Fuse — one of the best abilities in XCOM 2 because of that comedy, in which it activated the explosives on the enemy — dead or alive. Especially if before that you have sent this enemy in a group of opponents with the help of domination.

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