XCOM 2 guide: How to Open Psi operatives


Psi-Operative — an unusual class, which uses the power of consciousness with traditional weapons. With use protective and attacking Psi abilities, Operative can support allies or harm enemies. However, its open just will not work — it requires a number of steps. Fortunately, it is not too complicated and can be performed at a sufficiently early stage.

That’s what needs to be done to open the Psi-operatives in XCOM 2

Kill Sectoid as quickly as possible

  • It is no longer the cannon fodder of Enemy Unknown. Now even one Sectoid detachment is a serious threat, especially in the early stages, as Sectoid is able to use psionics. On the other hand, you will be able to find and kill the creature shortly after the start of the game.
  • When you get back to the base, go to the lab and perform an Sectoid autopsy. It will take some time, so be engaged in other things.
  • After that open line of research.

Explore psionic and build Psi lab

  • Specify Dr. Tigani to explore psionic — it will take a couple of days
  • When you will get an opportunity to build the lab — 175 supplies, 10 Elerium crystals and 5 energy. Monthly support 55 supplies. Construction will take 21 days.

Train Psi operatives

  • Assign a soldier on Psi training. It is guaranteed and successful does not depend on ability.

The only thing that is required — time. It can reduce appointed engineer.

  • After passing the training, Psi-operative will be in your midst. He does not get the title of the battlefield, and can only develop skills in Psi-Lab.

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