Firewatch Guide: Walkthrough

All you need is just to follow the signal.

Attention, like any other guides, this contains spoilers! If you want to walthrough Firewatch by your self, do not read what is written on!

Although Firewatch includes semblance of choice in a dialog of options in this game the result will be different except that the amount of information that is to the final you can get through the talk on the radio. This manual is dedicated to the purposes and locations where you will need to get to advance the plot. Here dialog options are not specified since they do not have a direct influence on the ending and depend on your interest.

Firewatch — general advices

  • Your current goal is listed in the top of the map screen
  • Ask Delilah everything. Her words may be helpful
  • Timer during the dialogue indicates the remaining time available for response
  • Talking to Delilah affect her attitude towards you

Firewatch — Prologue

At the beginning of Firewatch you have to make difficult choices in relationships. You play as Henry and must choose the way you behave with Julia. Here you can learn the controls. Get to the tower to begin the main game.

Firewatch — Day # 1

The main purpose: Rope in a box 306. Use a map and compass, move to the northwest. After passing the sign indicating the Lake Jonesy, you’re on the right track.

Code to the box: 1,2,3,4. Take the rope and copy note card.

After reaching the slope fasten the rope and climb down. Follow the path to the camp fire and pick up the beer cans. Extinguish the fire and move on to the teenagers. After return to the post of Two Forks, but move to the east and follow the canyon. Get to the box 303 and 452. Then go to the cave in the South to the post.

Firewatch — Day # 2

Inspect the communications line on the north side of the canyon. Follow the path of the first day, through the cave 452. Further to the north until you find cans of beer and its purpose. Talk to Delilah. Follow the north, bypassing around the box 241. Note the hanging backpack. There’s a rope. Move to the box 241 and copy the map.

When you receive a new target for the search for the source of the smoke, go south to the canyon. Overcome the canon and go to the west to the cleft (Cripple Gulch) from the first day. Then hook the rope and go to the office.

Use the rope to descend the slope and follow the path to the south, which leads to the box 309. Copy the map, collect the items and follow to smoke. After talk with Delilah.

Firewatch — Day # 3

Find a board to board up the window. They lie at the foundations of the post around scattered few.

Firewatch — Day # 9 and Day # 15

On the ninth day special problems should arise, but do not forget to talk to Delilah. The 15-day you will mainly path in the conversations.

Firewatch — Day # 33

Follow for supplies. Check the card for accuracy. Head north on the way to the box 241. Collect items and copy card. Further, go for supplies.

Firewatch — Day # 64

Again, talk to Delilah. Make your choice.

Firewatch — Day # 76

Follow the path from the crevasse to the lake. Pick records on the stone and talk to Delilah. Go back and go through the log on the ground — take a look at the land and find a flat stone on the way. Then the radio will produce strange noises. Investigating what was going on, get a box 205 and a copy card.

When you find the radio, go to the north along the lake. When you hit the closed gate, push it a few times. Here you get the location of the river. Note the following route on the map.

Next go to the canyon to the South and to the east through the cave 452, returning to the office. Further go to south in box 307, after crossing the river. After a box 308. When open it, copy the card. Now go to the camp of scouts in the south-eastern part of the map, from here continue along the path north to the dead end. Pick ax stuck in a tree. Look at a map to find a narrow canyon in the North-East. Follow it until you find the damaged wood. Cut it down and move to the far side of the canyon. Talk to Delilah.

Firewatch — Day # 77

Your goal is to go to the creek. Drive south from the post and cross the river. Then head to the West, open the drawer 308. If you do not have a code, then enter 5, 6, 7, 8. Go to the North to the location of the first day.

Moving along the way you will find yourself back at the lake. On the way to the North-East to the gate. Unlock with the ax. Reach the communication tower to explore the area around. Take the transmitter inside in the box.

Before leaving, get the device at the far side of the tent. There will be a black box and the file on Henry and Delilah. Talk to Delilah and go to the post for the cut scenes.

Follow transmitter from fasting. Soon you will find a small cleared place which will lead to a backpack and a key to the cave 452. Go back to the post.

Firewatch — Day # 78

Talk with DeLisle, go to the cave 452. Use the key to get inside. Move forward until you find a blockage. To the left there are a few stones, which can be pushed out of the way. Go north from the exit to find shelter, not marked on the map and explore the area. Collect things around and talk to Delilah. Examine everything carefully, including under the sign.

After a walk to the north along the way to find a cracked stone. You will be hooked so move to the West until you reach the road. After go to the South, make the turn to 452. Go inside the cave and move into the depth by using the hook. Learn everything and get out to the outside.

Firewatch — Day # 79

Talk with DeLisle until you get a new goal and then go for transmitter. Get to the place from the first day and with the help of a rope climb down. Further to the west on the road and go to the north as you can. Follow this road, which takes you to the collar, the cassette and the arrow with the name. Climb up and continue the path.

Head north to the post for the evacuation. Climb to the lake and follow the canyon to the East. Next to the North. Get to the booth and then to the DeLisle tower, picking up radio headphones to continue. Exit the tower and then go to the helicopter.

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