Fallout 4 guide: where to find the power armor and other loot in the beginning of the game

Boston Heath is packed with lots of places and things that you can open. Given free rein, which can be somewhat daunting, use this Guide, which will allow you to find the best weapons and items at the nearby locations of the starting zone. However, please be aware that things in the game fall randomly, so not all that there is to be listed you will find in these places during the game.


In the Overseer of Vault room 111, you can find Cryo-gun — a powerful weapon that disperses cold fog, freezing enemies. Unfortunately, there is a weapon in the chest with a lock of Master level … which means that you can open it only with the appropriate 18 level. Remember the place.

First-aid kit at the exit

At the exit from the Vault 111 inspect the hut next to the platform, and find inside the first aid kit. Inside there are also a couple of boxes with other loot.

Sanctuary Hills

At the foot of the hill there is the town where 200 years ago, you lived. In the houses you can find lots of useful loot:

  • Be careful as there are traps in houses — pay attention to the surroundings. Next to such places you can always find useful loot
  • Pick the Barbarian Grognak comics — on the kitchen table of your home. it gives you a permanent bonus of 5% on melee attacks
  • One of the houses in the northeast, hides a safe with a lock of beginner level — inside there is a chance to find ammo and medical supplies
  • During the visit, you will find your computer. Also there is Med-X and a safe with beginner level
  • Bin next to the bridge has a couple of grenades

Shotgun — Shack in the North

Just on north of town, on the edge of the card you can find a hut guarded by raiders and dog. Kill them and take away raider shotgun. It will be your first shotgun! Inside the cabin, you can find other useful things.

Tools and other things

If you reach the edge of the map to the north of town, follow the east on the edge — you will find a collector. Next to it there is a tool box and a closet with things. If you follow further to the east, you can find more things in the bathroom and tools.

Hut with the tools in the west

To the west of your home, away from the edge of the map, there is a cabin for tools, with lock of beginner level. If compromised, you can find useful loot.

Gold mine at the Robots Garbage

On the north-east of the town you can find the site for the dismantling of robots. Basically, you can find two military boards, clean water, electrical tape, magazine Hot Rodder for Power Armor, and other things. Weapons on the bench — do not miss it!

Before you leave, search the surrounding area, here you can find the core for power armor, and another charge in the box marked with a star next to the disabled turret. Do not throw away the core, it is useful for armor.

Robot Activation

On all the same «trash», you can find a computer in the main building. The computer activates the protective robot outside. When the robot is working, you can enable the security protocol that sends the robot to a certain area. You can follow Bot and choose the things that remain of people after the fight with the bot. However, note that the robot should be in a location with high-level adversaries.

Refuge on the hill

Following the East, there is a hill, with the hidden refuge. Here you can find a box of ammunition and other things on the table. Also here chemistry set next to the mattresses.

Power Armor among crash

If you go further to the east, there are the remains of the aircraft with scattered boxes. Here you can find the power armor, which can be activated by means of the kernel that you had to find before.


Next to the crash you can find a bathroom and a steel container with the bodies. Search among them — there are useful things.


If you go back to town and go to the south, crossing the bridge you can walk down to the water and move along the shore, you can find a generator with a cable leading to the hill. Follow the cable — here you can find the hidden cover. Search the district at the generator — take useful things.


In the southwest of Concord there is Abernathy Farm, where you can exchange things and use the stations for crafting. The head of the family can also take the side quest. After completing it you will get 100 caps.

In the North-West from the farm you can find a single trailer with a first aid kit, a set of chemist and ammunition.

Truck base

Further to the southwest of Concord, there is a station with wandering ghouls. If you have already pumped hacking, you can play through the terminal next to Protectron. After killing wild ghouls, you’ll find a lot of weapons, ammunition and items in the trailers.

Loot House

There is the house in Concord to the east of the Hall of Liberty. Inside there are lots of loot, body of the raider and safe with the beginner level.

Bar in Concord

Move to the north from the doors of the Hall, where you will find a bar. At the front there is an indoor safe with loot. On the second floor there is couple of machetes. The basement also has supplies.

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