Fallout 4 guide: The easiest way to get power armor X-01

Tired of wandering across the wasteland Fallout 4 collecting pieces of armor here and there? In this guide you will find information about the complete set of power armor X-01.

If you are just a beginner in the league of power armor gatherers, then we present some general information. In Fallout 4, there are several different models of power armor, but one of them is better than anyone else — X-01. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get a full set once — often you will come across some parts: foot, helmet and torso.

Don’t you want to spend time searching for Power Armor X-01?

Fallout 4

Then arm yourself better and deadlier. Now move to location, which is in the east of the Commonwealth, a little farther of Faneuil Hall south. Find a building with a sign Court 35.

Go inside using stealth, if you have it pumped enough. Before moving to the elevator, search the body, and safe in the room on the right. Be accurate, since there is a laser trap. Now go to the elevator.

Climb to the roof, on the way you will meet a pair of mechanical enemies. Use mines and explosives.

When the robots are destroyed, you will see the equipment in a small structure on the roof. Go into a small room on the left and with right click open up access to the armor.

Now you have the X-01.

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