Fallout 4 FAQ

Fallout 4 is certainly one of the most important games of 2015 and certainly the largest — at least in the role-playing genre. In this article we have compiled answers to the most common questions about the new game from Bethesda studio.

What’s New?

Apart from the most obvious new things — for example, scene, fractions or items — Fallout 4 has a whole range of innovations. The following are the most interesting: companions react to your actions and constantly dividing with you the thoughts, new system of dialogues, voiced protagonist, a bright palette of colors in the world, numerous crafting system, including the construction of houses, armor and legendary weapons upgrade.

What to do in the beginning?

Please go to the first few main quests in which you will have to examine primary and most spacious settlement Sanctuary, where you will meet first companion in face of dog and get the first power armor, which, of course, come in handy while you get used it to the game world.

How to build a house?

You can build only at certain locations or settlements which have a workshop.

Select and clear the specific location of all superfluous. Tinker around as much as possible of different yellow rubbish. When you have enough resources, go to the workshop and let your imagination run wild, or start, for example, with the construction of a square wooden shack. Quite simply, however, it will help you to get started in this aspect of the game.

How to connect a generator in Fallout 4 (how to stretch the wire or how to connect the electricity in Fallout 4)?

Electricity generated by the generator and carried to objects through wires.

Place the generator near (or in) the building and near the desired object, and begin to feed it, spend the wire with the maximum length of approximately 10 meters. If the wire is missing, then build the intermediate lines. However, some objects such as light bulbs do not require wires to work.

How to join the Institute?

We need to move on the main quest far enough to pass, in particular, mission «Glowing Sea» and «Hunter / Victim,» and have a relationship with one of the other factions, which could help you to build a machine that allows to get to the Institute. Once you get inside, you will meet the Father.

What will happen if you join the Institution (What to do at the Institute in Fallout 4?)

You can admire the trees, synthetic gorillas and waterfalls inside the Institute. In the technical wing of the Institute after the quest of a young synth you get legendary laser rifle.

Almost all the people and factions of the Commonwealth hate Institute and in the process of doing some quests this fraction can become the enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel and destroy the Subway.

Why to join the Brotherhood of Steel?

You will receive a brand new power armor of Brotherhood colors and access to their armory. You also will be given a signal checkers used to call the equipped with miniguns rotorcraft that can move you on the map. If you complete the mission of the Brotherhood to the end, you get a jetpack for your power armor.

What will happen if you join the Brotherhood of Steel?

After taking the quest, coming after the «Blind Betrayal», you will become a permanent enemy of the subway. Institute immediately becomes your enemy after you start the quest «Hell to Victoria».

How to make bottle caps?

Increase the maximum carried weight with the help of the Strong backbone perk and pick up all the loot on locations and enemies, sell it. Also, during earning the next perks are very useful: “Caps collector”, «Pickpocket», «Cracker», «In Search of Fortune» and «Hacker.»

How to disassemble the trash (what to do with trash, where to put the trash, why do we need the trash?)

Trash is versed in the workshop on the various components, which in turn, will require the construction and crafting. You can store it there too.

What is the limit?

The limit is a limitation related to the number of objects that you can build in one settlement. It can be removed by modifying — http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/132/.

What to pump? (How to distribute points?)

Invest points in perks or SPECIAL characteristics. Much depends on what options you selected in the character creation menu, but some abilities are universal and useful anyway. Say «Cracker», allows you to open medium and heavy locks, that is very useful and you can save a lot of time as there is no need to remember a place with undiscovered objects. «Strong backbone» significantly increases the maximum tolerable weight and on the third level allows you to run when the limit is exceeded.

How to dress your dog? (Equipping dog with armor)

Walk up to it and select the sharing of objects. Give dog the desired item, select it and press T.

Where to find the dog? (what happens to the dog, where the dog leaves after its release)

If you sent the dog back, then you need to look for it in Sanctuary, namely in the backyards of houses, kennels, near «Red Rocket».

Who are the minutemen?

Minutemen are a kind of militia of the Commonwealth, whose members have refused from more comfortable life for the sake of travel in the region and protecting the people. They are struggling to improve the living standards of the Commonwealth.

Who are the synths?

Synths — androids created by the Institute. They can be found throughout the Commonwealth. They are divided into three categories, depending on the complexity of the device. Synths of first generation represent purely mechanical humanoid with a skeletal appearance. Synths of second generation have a more advanced structure and partially or completely covered with plastic panels, which are a type of skin; they may even pass for humans. Finally, the third generation of synths has biomechanical bodies and able to breathe, bleed and simulate emotions with feelings, therefore, they are indistinguishable from humans.

Where to get oil

You can find oil throughout the Commonwealth. In particular, a batch of 25 oil can be purchased at the KL-E-0 in a Good neighborhood or Carla urns. Oil is also extracted from the coolant, which is created in the chemical laboratory from the bones.

Where to find the power armor T 60 (where to find power armor, where to find power armor X 01)

The first set of power armor you can get in the course of the quest «The Call of Freedom» — one of the first story quests.

The first way to get a T-60 — is to become a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. Once you will have enough completed missions, there will be a great flying ship over Boston, and you can tune into a new radio station (military frequency AF95). You will begin to perform a chain of quests in progress where you first get to the Cambridge police station. Once you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you will either run for their quests, as you will not achieve such a high rank that they will give you access to the Prydwen, or if you have already finish the second act of the main plot, just get access to their ship . Samu armor can be purchased from Teagan.

If you do not want to deal with the Brotherhood of Steel, you can always visit a garage of Atomic Cats, where you will have the opportunity to buy their version of T-60 or steal it.

X-01 can be found only after reaching level 28. The first location is in the luminous sea and called the Abandoned Shack. It is full of dangerous synths. Armor can be found on the lower level, next to the stairs.

Second place is not far from the Customs Tower, to the west of it. There is building 35 Court. Come in and sit down in the left of the entrance to the elevator. Once you get to the roof, you are attacked by two high-level robots. After winning activate two switches in those places, where the robots were before they attack you. So you open the chamber containing the X-01.

Where to find the bolts

You can get bolts, basically examining table fans, globes, toy cars and other objects with moving parts.

Where to find the subway

You will find Subway under the old church, located not far from the Neighbourhood and Diamond City.

Where to take copper

If your character has a perk «Trash collector», then copper can be extracted from the guns and uniforms. The best source of copper is a modified smooth-bore rifles and pistols. Large reserves of copper can be bought from Arturo in Diamond City, as well as at the KL-E-0 in a Good neighborhood.

Where to buy ammunition

Some traders in stocks have more ammo than others. For example, Trudy, located near ‘Drumlins’, is the best vendor from whom you can stock up ammo in the beginning of the game.

Why we need Brahmins

Brahmins are important for the development of settlements. You can build a bird feeder to attract the Brahmins in the area. It is also possible to connect this settlement with deliverable routes, where you will need caravans with Brahmins.

Why we need a speaker

The speakers can play the notes; potentially can be used to play simple music, but you will need to spend time for long meticulous construction.

Why we build settlements (why do we need a settlement, why we build a base, what settlement to build in Fallout 4)


Building of completely unique settlements by own hands with turrets, electricity, beds and bedding for residents — is still a rather unique opportunity. Moreover, nothing prevents you to create your own home, where you can store all you found in the Commonwealth. At the same time there are almost limitless possibilities, the only limit — it is your own imagination and knowledge.

If you do not like this game aspect, then there is no need to build, it’s completely optional feature.

Why we need nuclear battery

Nuclear units are required to feed any power armor: without valid block you can’t use VATS, while the mobility of hero is reduced in the armor.

Where to put items (where to store items)

Workshop — a safe place where you can store items (workshop in Sanctuary is available immediately after the story mode starts). Useful not rubbish items stored in a workshop will not automatically break during the construction of any structures.

Conventional containers can also be used to store items, since they are not reset after a certain amount of time.

Who can I join from the start?

In Fallout 4, there are four main fractions, which the player may join: Subway (Railway), the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Commonwealth Minutemen. During the game you can either take the side of one of them or remain independent.

They all have different ideologies, values ​​and features, so you have to decide for yourself which faction is closer for you.

Where the UFO fell?

UFOs fall — is a random event that occurs after you are fully pass one of several locations. One way of stumble upon it is a sweep of Vault 75, the entrance to which is located in the northeastern part of the map, near the Sanctuary.

After finishing go to the southwest to the «Beantown». You will surely see a flash of bright light and UFOs sweep past you to the west of the settlement close to you, and you will soon find a place where it crashed.

ATTENTION! Answers to these questions contain spoilers.

Fallout FAQ

Who is Eddie Winter?

Before the war, Eddie Winter was one of the most famous crime bosses in Boston. He was involved in various crimes — from petty thefts to brutal murders. Eddie decided to live forever and therefore invested in experiments with radiation, due to which he turned into a ghoul.

Who is really the son in Fallout 4?

Sean, also known as the Father, is the son of the chief protagonist and head of the Institute, a scientific institution located in the territory of the Commonwealth and one of the fractions of the game.

Who is the main antagonist in Fallout 4?

It is s son of protagonist.

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