How to join the Institute in Fallout 4

We have already found out how to join the Brotherhood of Steel — it is not difficult. We also solved a puzzle that is the first step to ensure the side of Railway. It will be simpler to the join Minutemen — it can be done in the early stages of the game. But that is not all. In Fallout 4, there is another faction — Institute.

The organization, which is considered the bad guys, also provides an opportunity for the introduction — what many players do not even know.

As usual, the Fallout 4 guide on joining the Institute includes spoilers!

If you want to find their Institute, stop reading this material and just follow the main quest chain.

Ok, if you have trouble finding the Institute, just follow the story quests, until you get to the last mission of the main quest — Institutionalized. To start the quest you need to collect a device that gives you access to the headquarters of the Institute, as you will need to call for help one of the other factions.

When you make the way in, follow the voice of the Father, and you will meet — the head of the Institute, that will take you to the goal. Then continue to communicate with him, he will invite you to join them. Agree to close the quest.

Then you still do not get access to their quests and services. To do this you need to talk with:

  • Clayton Holdren, Main Engineer of Ally Fillmore.
  • Justin Ayo.
  • Madison Lee from Advanced Institute Systems.

The last character is the most important in the chain, as it will open the point of easy access to the Institute.

After talking with everyone, you can take quests of the Institute. Before returning to the Wasteland, you can take holo-tape information on the terminal at the point of easy access. That’s all. You have become a member of the Institute.

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