Fallout 4 Guide for companions: Locations, romance, perks

Do you need emotional support, companion or friend to talk to, who you will be able to learn better? Or maybe you just need a toy with which you played a little bit and throw in the wasteland because you’re crazy from long cryostasis, damage your psyche?

One way or another, but in Fallout 4 you will be able to have a companion, not one! The game includes 12 potential mates once, and some of them can have a relationship!

In this guide we will tell you about the Fallout4companions: where they are, what species are, can they spin the affair, what features they possess.

As in the previous parts of Fallout, in the case of some companions, you will need to perform certain tasks and take into account the character’s attitude to certain issues and methods that you use to solve them. To make friends and develop relationships with a particular character, you have to do what he / she likes.

Further we present background information. The details will be added later.


Description: Man, woman

Location: The zone of hostilities

Quest: Quest on third-party partner — Soft Interference (Benign Intervention)

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Fast trigger (Action Points recover faster if your health below 25%)


Description: Mr. Handy Robot

Location: Sanctuary Hills — next to the house of the hero

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: Robot Sympathy (+10 resistance against energy-weapons robots)


Description: Mr. Handy Medic Robot

Location: Vault 81

Quest: Quest on third-party partner — An unexpected behavior (Emergent Behavior)

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Combat Medic (once a day restores the health of 100 points if it falls below 10%)

Paladin Dance

Description: Man, man

Location: Cambridge Police Station

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Know your enemy (20% damage against the Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synthetic)

Dogma Dog

Description: Dog

Location: Truck Stop Red Rocket — dog turns next to the gas station

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: No


Description: Man, man

Location: Old North Church — Come inside, go to the basement. At the end get the puzzle that need to write a «railroad» by turning the inside and press it. Open the door, where you will find some of the characters.

Quest: Solve problems of the railway and he will offer his services.

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: Blade and Cloak (20% damage to the reserve, 20% to the duration of Stealth Boy)


Description: Hull man– Не знаю, как правильно в оригинале

Quest: Third Party Quest — Hiring Hancock

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Izodoped – (with 250+ rads youy get critical chance by 20% faster)


Description: Man, man

Location: Gudneybor (– Не знаю, как правильно в оригинале) — Bar «Third rail» (in the back room of the bar)

Quest: Third Party Quest — Long Road Ahead

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Shooter (headshots in VATS are often on 20%)


Description: Man, woman

Location: Diamond City — gates

Quest: Quest locations — The history of the Century

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: Jabber Gift (+100% XP for conversations and the opening of new locations)

Preston Harvey

Description: Hull man

Location: Museum of Liberty — you will find it fulfilling Quest «Out of Time»

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: Yes

Perk: We are One (20% of damage and 20% of damage resistance in case if there are 3 or more enemies against him)


Description: Super Mutant, man

Location: Trinity Tower — Behind bars at the top of the tower.

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: Berserker (when health below 25%, a melee weapon gives on 20% more damage)

Nick Valentine

Description: Synthetic man

Location: Vault 114 (Station Park Street)

Quest: Third Party Quest — Long Time Coming

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: Almost Metal (one further attempt at Hacks and 50% faster cold out of terminals at Hacks)


Description: Synthetic man

Location: Institute

Quest: No

Romantic relationships: No

Perk: Harmonics Shield (+20 of resistance to energy-Arms)

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