Fallout 4 guide: tips that you might not know


We have already written instructions for beginners, advanced tips, answered questions and even made an interactive map for Fallout 4. However, this is not all that can Wasteland present Fallout 4. Therefore, today we present another massive list of things that you could not even no suspect.

  1. How to equip companions with armor and weapons — go to the menu for sharing things with companions, give then the necessary armor / weapon, select the item and look in the bottom panel. Depending on the platform, press the button to gear things.
  2. Use the Fast Save during intercourse — the best way to test different options of answers.
  3. Set the display case with the RSSI and magazines in their settlement — look for them in the Mastersock interface. Also, you can decorate your lair just throwing things, picking up and transferring it to the desired location.
  4. How to assign a specific bed for settler — tired that some Chinese fast asleep in your bed? Open the shop interface, select the brazen settler, after activate the bed, behind which you want to assign it.
  5. Build a bell to gather the settlers – set it in the center of the settlement, call and meet all the people. It helps when you cannot find someone to assign to the task. Do not forget to build a throne next to the bell
  6. Water Purifier for water — as the pump is not particularly effective, put the cleaner in the nearest pond and receive not only the water to settle, but the surplus in the Workshop for own needs.
  7. Hold your breath when shooting — when you take aim through «optics» button will appear for breath, so the shot could be accurate.
  8. Make a chemical cocktail — Find the chemical table and do something delicious.
  9. Get a free SPECIAL point — here.
  10. Focus your build on one thing — you want to make a Fallout 4 interesting? No need to pump all at once, making the hero of the ideal man. Pay attention to something narrow. Make a character with a blunt strong man or a weak scholar.
  11. Cooking helps you survive! — If you have the ingredients, you can prepare healthy food for treatment.
  12. Communicate with partners — ask your friends for their thoughts. They can tell interesting things.
  13. Do not sell weapons and armor – collect it. On the 23th level, you can take the scavenger perk and dismantle all materials.
  14. Select multiple items in the studio — just keep activation and select things. Then they can be processed all at once or can be stored in sets.
  15. Charge Laser Musket for several times — twist the knob several times, making more shot powerful.
  16. Use the shelter. Just do it.
  17. Use VATS for the explosion of mines and grenades — switching to this mode, you can undermine the explosives at a distance.
  18. Shoot the barrels — they explode! Just pay attention to what’s around you, and your enemies!
  19. Dog can be helpful — It brings things, acts as a mule and is impossible to kill.
  20. Rename your gun — you can change the name of the weapon on the bench, and even use HTML-markup.
  21. Buy a house in Diamond City — tired of messing around with these dirty settlements? Buy a house in the city for 2000 covers in the office of mayor.
  22. Allocate materials during the search — if you do not have enough material, you can flag it to look in the workshop, then all things containing it will have magnifying glass icon.
  23. Use sunglasses perks for leveling SPECIAL – sometimes it is really useful to read what is written. And you can scroll down the screen perks.
  24. Stealth enhances precision — using stealth and sit down to shoot accurately.
  25. Build the floor — built beds are not considered reliable for the increase in the number of inhabitants … How about build a floor in a hut that you hastily erected? The same can be done with the walls and roof.
  26. Connect the power distributor outside the house — there is nothing to waste copper cabling. Just install the valves in the corners of the house and connect to the generator.
  27. Install the trade routes between the settlements.
  28. Invite the merchants in their settlements. If you meet their requirements, they will live you an added bonus.
  29. Steal the core of power armor — want to steal power armor or do not want to fight with the enemy in it? Just sneak out the core of the armor.
  30. Change the color of Pip-Boy — in the game settings
  31. Level up – there is no cap levels in Fallout 4… so go ahead

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