Fallout 4 guide: useful mods and patches that improve performance

Fallout 4 was released just a few days ago, and modders are already doing what they love most — are working to create their own modifications to make Fallout 4 is much better than it already is.

ENBoost download

This patch introduces the same functionality that has been done for Skyrim and Fallout 3. As stated by the author, ENBoost increases the frame rate for Fallout 4, increases the resolution of textures, reduces freezes and downs FPS. However, you need more RAM.

It works not at all configurations, but some increase will be noticeable.

It recommended only if you have more than 12 GB of RAM.

Mode that manually adjusts graphics in Fallout 4 download

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool enables you to set preferences that are otherwise not available in the game. Here you can also change the color of Pip-Boy and VATS.

Enhanced Wasteland — download

Wasteland of Fallout 4 looks better than previous games in the series. With this mode you can make it more colorful.

Wasteland Grit — download

On the other hand, if you like dark and desolate wasteland and not ready to recognize the colors in the style of a children’s playground, you can take advantage of this modification that makes Fallout 4 in a place where life never thought back.

Water in Fallout 4 — download

A little mod that changes the way water looks, improving its texture and mapping. In the future, we can expect update of this mode, especially when there will be a full-fledged Creation Kit.

Blood in Fallout 4 — download

This mode improves the texture of the blood, adding optional effects of blood on the screen. Nothing particularly serious, but having the choice between the ordinary and the standard — that’s good.

Improved eye in Fallout 4 — download

The mod adds more life into the eyes of your character by changing the texture. There are various options for both men and women.

Mode for construction of settlements in Fallout 4 — download

This mod removes the limit on the number of objects that can be built in the settlement.

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