Beta Patch for Fallout 4 version 1.3.45


Beta patch 1.3.45 for Fallout 4 is now available for download. This time Bethesda has fixed lots of smaller but more serious problems for Steam users.

Full patch notes list available on this link.

How to install update 1.3.45 for Fallout 4

  1. Download patch. 
  2. Copy all the files in a folder with game.
  3. Be sure to make a backup!

File deleted!

Free download Fallout 4 Patch version 1.3.45

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2 комментария
  1. Fallout enthusiast 25.01.2016 in 08:30

    Patch doesn’t work, causes game to crash instead when latest save is loaded, furthermore many textures are missing

  2. danwat1234 14.02.2016 in 07:44

    Didn’t do anything for me in trying to get my Codex pirated Fallout 4 from crashing on startup. Immediately crashes to the desktop after I launch the executable, windows tried to make an error report. Common issue with a lot of people I see in the forums, articles. 


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