Download patch 1.0.350.1 for GTA 5 on PC

Third patch 1.0.350.1 is now available for GTA 5 on PC. You will be asked to download the patch at the time of entering the game. If you need to download the patch 1.0.350.1directly, then you have come to the right page!

How to install patch 1.0.350.1?

  1. Make a backup of the replaced files.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive in the root folder of GTA 5 with the files replacement.
  3. Once run the game through the launcher.

Patch note 1.0.350.1 for GTA 5 on PC

  • Fixed a bug where vehicles disappear from the filled garage.
  • Improved stability, minor fixes freezes and some mistakes that led to the closure of the game when switching between working in GTA Online.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not leave the garage when they were in personal vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs friezes, if you rob the store, when someone buy a snack.
  • Fixed a rare case where the inscription «Purchase Failed» appeared in front of some players to buy apartments at attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be asked to leave the game when you use text chat in golf and pressing the «E» key.
  • Fixed a few framing errors that occurred when shooting through selfi Snapmatic.
  • Steam-Fixed a bug where you could not go back to the GTA 5 by pressing alt + tab, if you turned the game using alt + tab with an active Steam overlay.
  • Steam-Fixed an issue where players could not turn on Mexican or Spanish subtitles.
  • Various bug fixes, leading to malfunction.

All older versions of patches for GTA 5 are available on this page — Patches for GTA 5

Free Download patch 1.0.350.1 for GTA 5 on PC

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