Far Cry Primal Guide — Where to find all Spirit Totems?

Far Cry Primal is released or will be released today, depending on where you live, and we begin a series of guides on the game, which is mainly focused on assistance in finding minor items, needed for completion the game on 100%. Far Cry Primal has 12 Spirit Totems, finding of which will give you a bonus to increase the experience obtained in the amount of 2%.

Spirit Totems Location

  1. Get Spirit Totems during the quest.
  2. Go east, get up into the mountains and find the waterfall, look to the right, and use the hook to climb up the ledge.
  3. Head from your camp in the north-east to find a cave on the edge of a snow-covered field. Once you reach it, you will find a totem to the right of the cave entrance.
  4. Head north from the outpost until you find a huge stone. Then go east until you see the NPC offering the quest totem near the cliff.
  5. Head to the north-west from the Izil sacrificial altar to Blajiman Stones, where you will find the totem.
  6. Head to the north-east from the Stone Shadow camp, and find the waterfall — a totem will wait for you on top of a cliff.
  7. Near the place of hunting on Sabretooths find a cave with a totem.
  8. There is another totem in the «singing» cave in the west.
  9. To the south of the «burning spear» fire search the «waterway».
  10. Head east from the Hold Rock fire, find the hole with water, after it there will be a small cave that hides another totem.
  11. Head north from the Stone hour’s fire and start the search in the first cabin near the village.
  12. To the west of Mamaf Cave, near the camp you’ll find the last totem.

Solutions to issues in Far Cry Primal on PS4 and Xbox One

After Far Cry Primal release on Xbox One and PS4 many gamers started to complain about numerous issues, like inability to capture outposts, stuck under map, missing NPC, inability to tame an animal and even inability to complete the mission. In this guide we present all known solutions to these issues.

Game can’t be Installed

Clear the cache and data before installing the game.

Unable to Capture Outpost in Far Cry Primal

Players may face some difficulties when trying to reach the last NPC on “Piki Meat Outpost”. So walk out Outpost, and then it should be captured as the missing enemy will be de-spawned.

Stucking Under Map in Far Cry Primal

Takkar can remain stuck in case of detaching from grappling hook while doing “Great Scar Bear” quest. Turn on fast travel near-by camp or use save and quit opportunity to continue.

Spawn Snowblood Redirect in Far Cry Primal

Many gamers complain that The Snowblood wolf cannot be spawned in Izila camp while “Snowblood Wolf” activity. Use fast travel to the nearest location and then return to mission area.

Spawn or Missing NPC in Far Cry Primal

While “Revenge (Karoosh)” activity enemy NPC’s cannot spawn in cave. Just restart mission or reload last checkpoint.

Stuck in Obelisk in Far Cry Primal

Players may face problem in falling obelisk in “Izila Homeland” quest. Just restart mission or reload last checkpoint/let your person die to respawn.

Game Freezes on Pillar of Fire

Players may face a game freeze while navigating to Pillar of Fire after ending the “Deep Wounds” activity. Restart the game.

Spawn / Missing Bear in Far Cry Primal

The bear cannot be spawned while “Animal Tracking” activity. Just reload your last checkpoint.

Epic animals fall of cliffs and die in Far Cry Primal

Players complain that epic animals sometimes fall off cliffs, leaving player with inability to tame them. Use fast travelling out of “Beast Master Hunts” and return back to retry.

Missing After Tame in Far Cry Primal

The Bloodfang Sabertooth may disappear after taming. The Sabertooth will appear on its own in few seconds.

Inability to Complete Mission in Far Cry Primal

Picking up required quest in “Hunger Game” mission cannot be counted till mission completion. Wait the warrior in order to reach altar or restart mission in order to avoid bag shooting or just pick it up before passing it by NPC.

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