Street Fighter V guide for beginners

You’ve never played a fighting game but Street Fighter 5 seduced you with bright colors and curvaceous froms? You do not know how to start to learn how to control and refine basic skills? Then this guide will be useful to you.

#1 Do not jump!

Or you do not do it often. Jumping into the Street Fighter — is a dangerous thing, as jumps detain you in a base jump animation on a particular arch, limiting your ability to attack and fully deprotect you. By literally jump you are asking for something that you embedded in flight, without the possibility of a block or dodge. Also remember that the enemy are beginning to jump when they feel they are losing ground in the battle, so if you notice a trend, use anti-aircraft strikes active. Because of this, you can put a few good punches staying safe.

#2 Learn basic attacks

During the bout players often move back and forth, taking more comfortable position, using usual best kicking attacks. When you first choose a character and start to learn it, it is recommended to study the most rapid and distant normal attacks, practicing their use at the maximum distance to move the opponent and to release a place for maneuver. If the opponent comes at you, use the normal ranged attack kicks to knock down his movement, but do it when it is precisely in the area of ​​your strokes.

#3 Combo theory

Combos allow you to maximize your damage when you find a gap in the protection of the enemy. Even if you learn how to perform basic combo of two strokes at the right time, it will significantly increase your chances of winning. The most standard method of forming a combo — to cancel a normal attack return a special and quickly enter commands for a second strike, immediately after the first. Note that not every regular attack can be canceled, and those who can cancel, vary from character to character. Try different options for canceling a conventional attack specials.

#4 Knockdowns

What to do when you caught a blow? When you find yourself on the ground, the opponent will try to pressure you. In this connection, it is recommended to find an effective way to get off the ground to use the enemy’s desire to keep up the pressure. When your opponent is on the ground, continue to move and adapt his attack to the point where the enemy «wake up». Also consider the use of blocks and counterattacks after lift that works against a dragon, allowing to continue to attack.

#5 Scales

Red Scale (V) and blue scale (EX) are responsible for the character’s key resources. The first is responsible for your V- return and V-Trigger — two new tools in the fighting game. V-return allows you to break out of the enemy’s pressure during the block. V-Trigger — unique to each character’s ability, which causes more bumps and damage. This scale is filled at least to be hit or by using the V-skill. Completed V-scale reset at the end of each round.

EX-scale fuels EX-capacity (enhanced versions of existing movements) and the Critical Art — a very strong attack that deals damage mass. This scale is filled at the time of attack and defense, and goes from round to round. Sometimes, if you know that you lose the round, it is best to drain it and use EX-capacity in the next.

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