What to do if Fallout 4 character suddenly began to look odd and even ugly?

If during Fallout 4 walkthrough, you use the code that gives immortality to your character, you may experience unusual bug. In those circumstances, when your character must die, explode, burn, it still remains alive, but, depending on the circumstances, his body may remain disfigured. For example, if it fell into the lava.

To get rid of this problem and restore the character and beauty of the original state, you must do the following:

  • First, lay out all the important items of luggage.
  • Open the game console and type unequipall. This will return your character to its original state, both in terms of appearance and equipment. All will disappear and even Pip-Boy.
  • Re-open the console and type the command recycleactor. This will return the clothes and other stuff to the character, but you’ll have to wear it again.

There are cases where the second command does not return all that was your character had prior to the recovery process. That is why it is important to lay out all the valuable baggage first.

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