Fallout 4 guide: How to arrange your own Coliseum

In fact, all is very simple. Preparations for «Coliseum in Fallout 4» are carried out by several teams in the console — it can be called by pressing the «~», which is under the «Esc». But above all, you need to choose a place for the Coliseum. In other words — get a large area where you can safely place the AI.

The most important commands for the console:

  • tai: On/Off AI
  • tcai: On/Off Battle AI
  • tgm: On/Off God mode – don’t you want to die from accidental shell?

The second is particularly important, as without it, your Gladiators immediately will rush to attack the opponents, with no chance to organize more or less honest battle.

Now, for the placement:

  • placeatme [id] [number]

ID is responsible for being who you want. The number, as you might guess, is the number of objects. Where to find the ID of creature? You can use the wiki!

For example, 5 Super Mutants hippos — «placeatme 000bb7dd 5».

Against 5 raiders — «placeatme 000f757b 20».

Then enter the «tai» and «tcai» and enjoy.

Do you want to change something? How about guns!?

Here’s what to do:

  • player.additem <id> <amount>

This command adds to your inventory the number of objects with #id.

By adding the necessary guns, open the console, click on the raider and enter:

  • openactorcontainer 1

This opens the raider inventory. Take your weapons and give them to raider. For example you can give him Podge and 20 mini-bombs.

Repeat the same operation with all the raiders. Turn on AI.

Note that you must have balance, in order to not get too bored. If all of the raiders have guns they will quickly destroy enemies.

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