What to do if Fallout 4 crashes when passing mission Hunter/Victim?

The objective of the mission Hunter/Victim is to look for a hunter and remove the chip from his body. However, most players can not pass the given location, as after 50% of the mission the game just takes off without telling about any errors. This happens most often during a sweep of a building in this location.

To solve this problem fully so far failed, and, most likely, it will be resolved by means of fixation from the developers, but you can work around it and continue to pass.

During the passage of the mission Hunter / Victim you need to open the game console and enter the command: player.moveto 00064dfc. This will get your character to the end of the mission, beating all obstacles and leaping with departure time. Then again, open the console and type the command setstage 000229eb 30. It will make you appear next to the hunter. Just kill him and remove the chip from his body and continue to pass as normal.

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