What to do if during playing Fallout 4 picture on the screen is highlighted in green shades became black and white or blurred around the edges?

During the Fallout 4 playing, in various episodes users notice that the display started to highlight with pronounced greenish shade. Some of the same people on the contrary observe the almost complete disappearance of the colors leaded to fact that the picture became close to black and white. Also, in these moments around the image, the picture may lose their sharpness and become very blurred and illegible.

This is due to the lags of individual filters in the game that can be removed using special text commands:

  • To eliminate the green shade in the game, open the console and type the command: rimod 00,094,636.
  • To reset the color and clarity of the image, enter the command in the console: rimod 002041B6.

The effect of the entered commands will be shown instantly.

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