How to fix Errors, Lags, UE4-KiwiGame Crashes in Street Fighter V

After the release of Street Fighter V many players around the world faced with the numerous problems in the game. After testing we are glad to present first solution for Errors, Lags, Freezes, UE4-KiwiGame Crashes, Fightstick Issues and more in Street Fighter V.

#1 Crash / CTD / Crash at Street Fighter V startup — solution

NVIDIA has released special game ready drivers for Street Fighter V. Make sure you have installed them before playing. AMD users need to wait for such driver. Although there are cases where players are reporting crashes after driver updating. Thus any Capcom official patch will be welcomed.

#2 Fightstick doesn’t work with Street Fighter V — solution

Just use third party tool as Joy2Key to play with your controller.

#3 PS3 / PS4 controller doesn’t work while playing Street Fighter V on PC — solution

One more famous problem. Follow the steps below to solve it.

Download third party tool for button mapping as x360ce or Joy2Key. Actually we used x360ce.

Next extract archive contents and copy file x360ce_x64.exe to one of the games directory:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapp­s\common\StreetFight­erV\StreetFighterV\B­inaries\Win64”

After launch the application. Be sure the tool has detected your controller. In terms of Controller 1, choose Auto or Manual on your preference. Techfaqs recommend to choose the first option as it can automatically map buttons on your controller and works perfectly for most gamers.

#4 Black screen in Street Fighter V after Capcom logo — solution

If your game crashes after Capcom logo you need to visit Steam folder. Follow the path: common\StreetFighter­V\StreetFighterV\Con­tent\Movies, find and then delete or rename file OpeningTrPC.wmv. Make its backup before deleting or renaming.

#5 FPS Drop in Street Fighter V after few minutes — solution

This is common problem among the players right now. Even with the monster PC and perfect playing on high settings such problem seems to be real existent. Just downscale the game resolution in order to avoid this problem.

#6 Crash in Street Fighter 5 after playing for few minutes — solution

To fix such random crashes while playing just follow the steps described below.

Press key combination Windows + R

Type “msc” in Command Line

Switch off Touch Keyboard and also Handwriting Panel service

This solution should fix the problem.

#7 “UE4-KiwiGame Game has crashed and will close” error solution in Street Fighter V

This is common problem among players right now. Launch of Steam as administrator helped to resolve the problem for most users of Windows 10. In case of Windows 7 or 8, please, wait for official statements and fixes from Capcom.

More errors solutions are coming soon.

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4 комментария
  1. Dingus 16.02.2016 in 18:53

    #6 Worked in stopping the random window close issue, thanks!

    • Player 17.02.2016 in 02:17

      It didn’t work for me, the #6 fix I can’t seem to type in «msc» and disable the stuff, need help please.

      • Arman Ramazyan 29.03.2016 in 17:06

        should be services.msc not just «msc»

  2. Lewis Williams 05.04.2016 in 14:12

    Number 1 is possibly the worst piece of advice. My game has crashed from it, of which I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and tried it again to no avail. I cannot turn back time and download the said driver, obviously. The last piece of advice did not help with this either. Ugh.


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