How to fix Errors, Crashes, Lags, Stutters, Black Screen in Superhot


Superhot presents one of games of existing genre that aims to achieve something more different with that. Superhot was developed by Superhot Team, while this indie FPS presents a new way that gives players time for accessing their situation to decide next step based upon other decisions. If you have problems running Superhot on your PC, you came to the right place. We have compiled a most frequent errors that includes random crashes, errors stutters, lags and more.

#1 System Crashes in SUPERHOT

Try to resolve the problem by deleting saves that could be corrupted after computer crash

The file can be found at AppData/LocalLow/SUPERHOT_Team/SUPERHOT — file

Be sure that all hidden files can be enabled if you cannot find the file in abovementioned location

After doing this changes try to continue Superhot.

#2 Can’t Select or Change Monitor in SUPERHOT

Hold shift after pressing START SUPERHOT

Select your monitor in config window after opening

#3 SUPERHOT doesn’t start

Try to launch Superhot from steam folder:

Steam\steamapps\common\SUPERHOT – and launch SH.exe

After successful launching be sure to disable your antivirus software or just add superhot.exe file to exceptions after that hit Play in Steam.

If the game still not working install the latest version of .Net 4 on PC.

#4 SUPERHOT Performance errors

While launching the game, you face with red window that provides you opportunity to choose resolution and showing the game in fullscreen.

After setting needed options, next press START SUPERHOT and press Shift at the same time

This will increase the FPS.

That’s all. If you have faced with any specific errors, please feel free to share with us with them in comments section. Our team will provide a solution ASAP.

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