Secret Tips for beginners on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

We present few tips for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, which will help to quickly learn in the game

Get a headset and sensible team

Yes, you can have the experience of playing shooters obtained after hundreds of sleepless nights in a front of COD, but here it plays a minimal role. If you not able to coordinate actions with your colleagues, you have the risk of instantly turn into a sieve after the game start.

Use traps

If you need to keep the defense, the traps and obstacles will be indispensable allies. With their help, you need to create a safe zone around the object that you guard. You must block as much as possible approaches to the goal to reduce the chance of enemy success to a minimum. In the event if you are the attacking team, the requirements for you, of course, will be the opposite. Use the UAV at the beginning of the match, to find as much as possible safe route. Be alert — traps and ambushes could be anywhere!

Hurry slowly

Yes, every game has a time limit, but it should not affect your composure. Move quickly but carefully; proceed rapidly, but after careful consideration. And remember — you are not elected.


Do not focus on a particular style of play. This is boring and anticipating. The more often you enter new ideas, the longer you will life in the game and possibly the better results you will have. Think outside the box, try to read the tactics of enemy, improvise and do not be afraid to learn from mistakes.

Do not make noise or properly use noise

The game has a wonderful sound design, which is why every rustle has great sense within earshot. This can be a major factor behind the operation failure, but also it can save it. Firstly, you have to minimize your movement and chatter in the wrong places, and that the second — use the excess traffic, noise and chatter in appropriate locations (for example, to attract or distract the enemy).

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