Tom Clancy: The Division Beta Guide — Where to find the chests and keys for them

Tom Clancy: The Division will start tomorrow on Xbox One, and on January 29 it will be released on PC and PS4, and if you pre-ordered game earlier, it means exactly that you have an opportunity to take part in closed beta, and our guide will help you to find the keys to the chests with loot.

Dark Zone — an area where the player can get the best loot in the game for PVE/PVP battles. There are different items, including chests, which require so-called «Dark Zone Key» to open. So, without many words:

Where to find the keys and chests?

Chests may fall from high level opponents or from other players (with the proviso that they carry with them). This also applies to you; if you die in the PVP area, you will lose three things — money, credit and keys. It all depends on which way the player dies (fire, ordinary death, etc.).

The game features three types of chests:

  1. Small chests – don’t need keys to open
  2. Rank chests — require a certain rank in the «dark zone» to open
  3. Dark Zone chests — need keys to open

Now we will look for clues:

  • Open map «Dark Zone 02″
  • Strive your view in the upper right corner (E 38th St)
  • There you will see a note in front of The Morgan Library & Museum

There you will be awaited by a group of enemies after killing them you will find the keys. Don’t forget to watch other players because keys are needed not only to you.

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