How to fix Low FPS in WWE 2K16?


When you first start the game, WWE 2K16 on PC, players complained about the problem with low FPS. Someone is even less lucky, their game only runs at 10 FPS. In this article will be gathered all the possible solutions to the problem with low FPS.

Method 1

  1. Go to — C:\Users\PC name\My Documents\WWE2k16\
  2. Locate the file config.ini and open it with a text editor.
  3. Locate and change the values of the below lines

    denominator = 60000
    numerator = 60000


Method 2

Turn off V-Sync in the graphics settings of the game, it should help to increase the FPS in the game.


Method 3 for Nvidia Graphics Card

  1. Go to Nvidia control panel > later in Manage 3D settings
  2. Now in the drop down menu, locate power management mode
  3. Set it to prefer maximum performance
  4. Then go to Task manager
  5. In the details tab, search wwe2k16.exe
  6. Then set high priority
  7. Disable special effects
  8. Reduce mouse speed or camera speed
  9. And finally change resolution from 1080p to 720p

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