What to do if Fallout 4 doesn’t define the model of video card, runs at minimum settings or even refuses to run?

Depending on your video card and GPU, Fallout 4 may not always correctly identify the configuration of graphics and start the game automatically on minimum settings. Certain types of video cards still can’t be determined in the game automatically. This leads to a serious decline in the quality of the image, the critical drop in the level of FPS or a complete failure of the correct start.

To resolve this problem, make sure that your video card uses the most recent version of the driver, and then make an additional manual adjustment to help game to determine the model of your graphics card:

  • Open the root folder of the game and find a configuration file called Fallout4Prefs.ini.
  • Locate the sD3DDevice and enter this line according to the model of your graphics card. For example, sD3DDevice = «NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970»
  • Save your changes and restart the game.

Please note that Fallout 4 is only compatible with graphics cards that support DirectX 11. If your model does not have such support, the correct operation of the game and even its run on your PC is not guaranteed.

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