The best weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds


In The Outer Worlds, it’s hard to pick out any specific best gear. Everything is tied to the levels, so as you go through the gun and armor will often have to change. The main thing to pay attention to is damage and defense indicators. The higher the level, the better the equipment.

The easiest way to get the best equipment at the moment is to pump it on a workbench. This requires an engineering skill and quite a few bits. You can maximize equipment only 5 levels above the character’s level. In addition, here you can add upgrades: increase the store or mount a new sight.

For each type of weapon, and there are 5 of them, its own skill is provided. If you pump in light weapons, then it is better to use it.

Types of damage

There are 5 types of damage in total, each of which is effective against certain opponents. You can understand what damage can be done by the icon in the left corner of the weapon card or the color of the damage indicator. This is especially true when playing at high difficulty levels. Opponents are significantly stronger and have to choose the right weapon more often.

  • Physical (white) — ineffective against armored targets.
  • Plasma (red) — perfectly burns all living targets except for bugs.
  • Corrosive (green) — perfectly burns through the armor of automatons and bugs.
  • Electric (blue) — effective against automatons.
  • N-ray (purple) — ignores armor, but is useless against non-biological opponents.

Scientific weapons

These are special single samples of weapons that have unique effects. In the inventory they are marked in blue. The whole quest «Weapon of the Abyss» is associated with the search for such weapons, but no one bothers to just come and take it if you know where it lies. There are 5 such samples: one copy of each species.

Prismatic hammer

It is located on the ship Groundbreaker. Go into the living quarters, which are located to the right of the guard post. There, climb onto the sleeping capsules and go to the end of the wall. You will find yourself in a hangar with criminals. Interrupt them and take the key card from the leader’s body. Come in the closed door and take away the weapon. After that, the quest to search for the remaining weapons will start.

Go to the «Hopeless» and inspect the captain’s terminal. You will find information about merchants who may have clues about the location of the remaining weapons.

The information cartridge is located on Groundbreaker at Gladys. You still have to interact with her as part of the quest. Open the trade menu and buy the Hephaestus archive cartridge. Two more datapads can be bought at the Monarch in the village of Fallbrook. Go to Duncan’s wholesome groceries.

Now that you have all the data in your hands, you can start searching. 

Shrink Ray

This weapon is quite difficult to miss, because it is located in Phineas’ orbital lab. Immediately on the table near the intercom. If you were the first to find this particular weapon, the quest will start. And Gladys will have not one cartridge on sale, but two.

Gloop gun

Located in the laboratory on Monarch. The key to the terminal will be on the table on the second floor.

Mind Control Ray

It can be found in the secret laboratory «Rizzo». The marker will show the way, then near the elevator you will need to jump onto the platform and climb the stairs.

Mandibular Rearranger

You don’t even need to look for it, just go through the lighthouse on Scylla. The container is in one of the houses.


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