World of Warships — Captain skills

While playing a battle, both the captain and the ship gain experience.

The experience accumulated, battle after battle, is used by the captain to level up on his career.

With every level, a captain gains 1 skill point, which can be distributed on a given set of available skills. Those skills, will improve the captain’s abilities and performance on the assigned ship. Choose wisely.


The maximum level a captain can reach is level 20. At this level, the captain will have 19 skills points in total for distribution.

On the other hand, training a captain is not an easy task. With every new level, the experience required to reach the following one increases significantly.

The skills a captain can learn are distributed over 5 Tier lines

  • Artillery
  • Secondary Armament
  • Ship Survivability
  • Concealment and Acquisition
  • Aircraft and Special Skills.

To unlock the Tier II skill line, a captain need to learn at least one (1) Tier I skill.

For the Tier III skill line, it is required that a captain has at least one (1) Tier I skill and one (1) Tier II skillsmastered.

This continues in a similar way with the higher Tier skills.

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