The 5 best ergonomic mouse options of 2022


Today, it is increasingly common to experience forearm and wrist pain in the workplace. This problem may be right at your desk. No, not your pen, pad or other writing materials, but your mouse. Your desk is calling you to buy an ergonomic mouse. A mouse for computer systems is a standard piece of one of the many hardware devices used to interact with a computer system’s GUI (graphical user interface).

Using the mouse requires being in a higher motor position than usual. It further includes small but repetitive use of specific muscles. This leads to discomfort, pain and a touch of unease, enough to ruin your day off.

This overstretching and overworking of your muscles beyond the usual amount can cause particular problems and hinder your daily lifestyle and productivity. The mouse is used much more than the keyboard. Therefore, it is crucial to have a sustainable or ergonomic mouse.

How is an ergonomic mouse different from a regular mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is designed for the health and comfort of the user, unlike a typical mouse. It fits the arm and wrist like a glove. It provides a natural fit and a better position for the arm and wrist to rest.

In addition, it helps in unrestricted forearm movement. It requires less grip and strength, causing less fatigue, stress and tension. While improving comfort, it also promotes efficiency in the workplace.

Benefits of an ergonomic mouse

Benefits of an ergonomic mouse

It has been observed that people often work in an abnormal posture for a considerable period of time while working with a computer. In addition, the use of the mouse makes our body immobile without us realizing it, inducing numbness in the thumb or fingers. In the worst case, this numbness can spread throughout your arm and extend to your neck. An ergonomic mouse maintains a constant posture because it provides a comfortable resting position for your wrists.

Avoids pressure on the wrist

When working with a mouse, pressure on the outside of your wrist is usually unavoidable. This pressure can be counteracted by supporting the wrist or keeping it at an ideal angle. Resting the palm and fingers with an ergonomic mouse will help eliminate unnecessary stress.

Avoids carpal tunnel syndrome

Avoids carpal tunnel syndrome-min

This is due to the unfavorable movement of the stimulus that runs through the carpal tunnel present in the wrist while on the wrist. Whenever you use a mouse, your arm puts pressure on your wrist. But if you use an ergonomic mouse, you won’t feel the strain on your wrist or arm.

Extends comfort for arthritis sufferers

In the long run, the traditional mouse we use can be painful. If you have arthritis, the situation may be worse. After already having joint pain, you definitely don’t want to twist or stretch them. Ergonomic mice have an optimized angle that fits your arms and wrists perfectly, avoiding over-stretching muscles and joints.

Helps prevent any further injury

Helps prevent any further injury

Short and long term needs are taken care of with an ergonomic mouse. Give your wrists and fingers a break now for unrestricted movement in the future. At the same time, pain-free work reduces fatigue and increases productivity.

The buttons on some ergonomic mice can now be programmed as well. If you tend to perform the same function every day, you can program your mouse buttons to perform that function automatically at the touch of a button. This will also increase the speed of your work.

Now, you will be well aware of how an ergonomic mouse can help you be more productive and take better care of your health.

Logitech ERGO

Logitech ERGO

The Logitech ERGO M575 is a wireless mouse that offers effortless and natural thumb control as intended. In addition to providing greater comfort, the ERGO M575 offers an improved, more natural posture.

If you’re short on space in the workplace, the ERGO M575 is the perfect mouse. It has a natural shape that fits in the palm of your hand and relaxes your arm. It can also improve the level of control by adjusting the speed of the cursor. It is typically designed for smaller workplaces and busy decked desks.

Once connected to a Bluetooth or USB receiver, it has a range of up to 33 feet with no lag. It is eco-friendly and healthy for your pocket.

It is highly rated and requires minimal space to accommodate yourself anywhere you step, providing you with the freedom to work efficiently and calmly.



Anker is a wireless ergonomic mouse. Get rid of your old and uncomfortable grip. This mouse offers maximum comfort by easily adapting to the contours of your palm.

It is a universal mouse with a futuristic design approach. It has sensitive buttons that don’t require you to keep pressing them as you work, providing more functionality to the mouse. The device provides a cost effective solution for dragging, pulling down, gaming or any function.

It is easy to use and compatible with devices such as Windows and Mac OS. Anker has high-resolution optical tracking technology for precise tracking over a wide range of surfaces. Plus, it’s battery-powered and saves power by going into power-saving mode after 8 minutes of inactivity.

It has a scientific design that encourages a healthy grip and wrist position. anker’s main purpose is to release you from extra strain.

Logitech VM4RW

Logitech VM4RW

Evoluent’s ergonomic mouse properly avoids twisting of the arm and provides better comfort. It has programmable and easy to use buttons. Users can set the buttons to work in different programs. The thumb rest of this version has been reshaped to provide higher comfort compared to its earlier versions.

The side offers optical sensing controls that help you adjust the cursor speed without loosening your grip.Evoluent’s Vertical Mouse 4 is designed to prevent your pinky finger from rubbing against the desk. It is more precise and helps in smooth movement and work operations.

It is best suited for maintaining an upright posture while working by keeping the right hand in an upright neutral position. The vertical side supports the hand, just like the posture when shaking hands. This in turn helps to exert less force overall.



The Leicaway is another wireless vertical mouse. It is best used for office and gaming purposes. The main difference from a traditional mouse is that it reduces the pressure on the wrist. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wrist cramps.

Its main advantage is that the mouse is rechargeable and does not work on batteries. You can charge it anywhere at your convenience with the right cable. Its six buttons allow you to add some daily tasks to it and gain complete control over your computer system.

Leicaway provides users with a much-needed low-cost and effective solution for a variety of uses. Its advanced back and forward page-turning features provide convenience when navigating the web. It is equipped with easy-to-use technical support technology for a lifetime of use and comes with a 24-month warranty.

Logitech MX ERGO

Logitech MX ERGO

Logitech’s MX ERGO, with its ergonomic design, offers users personalized comfort thanks to its adjustable hinge feature. With just one minute of charging, it has the power to last all day and can be fully used.

It is only compatible with personal computers and the trackball angle can be customized up to 20 degrees for a natural and comfortable posture of the arm. This also helps to reduce excessive muscle tension to a greater extent.

With MX ERGO, one can effortlessly navigate and switch between 2 personal computers. It offers a multi-device trackball for file sharing and better computer control for the next generation.

The mouse can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB receiver. It has 4 customizable buttons that can be used according to the user’s requirements and needs.

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