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What MsMpEng.exe process is and why does it loads the processor or RAM

Among other processes in the Windows 10 task manager (and...

System thread exception not handled
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How to fix «System thread exception not handled»?

One of the variants of errors that can appear when...

Windows 10
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Com surrogate в Windows 10 – what is this?

The com surrogate process is one of the components of...

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Where to save screenshots on PC?

Screenshot is a photo of the display in its current...

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Mrt.exe – what this process is?

Quite often, users are interested in the question: “mrt.exe –...

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Black screen during Windows 10 boot fix

Some users have encountered the black screen problem when they...

Microsoft .NET Framework
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Unable to install .NET Framework 3.5: how to solve the problem

Windows 7 and 8.1 shall be fitted with an integrated...

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How to fix error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll?

You can see error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll you can when trying to...

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How to fix error 0x800F0922 during installation of .NET Framework 3.5

0x800F0922 error implies that the request for the installation of...

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Solution: Upgrade to Windows 10 Build 15007 stucks on 0%

You decided to establish a new build of Windows 10...

Secure Boot
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Secure Boot – what this utility is and how to disable it?

What is the Secure Boot, and how to disable it?...

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How to Reset BIOS on a laptop?

Resetting BIOS on a laptop can sometimes serve as a...

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How to fix 0xc0000098 error when launching Windows 7/8/10?

Error 0xc0000098 appears in the case when configuration files are...

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How to verify Windows authenticity?

Some unscrupulous sellers do mark-up on your computer or laptop...

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How to reinstall iTunes?

The problems encountered with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, are...