How to download Directx 11 for Windows 10


The need to download Directx 11 for Windows 10 could arise in the event that a program or high-performance game required its presence on your personal computer. It should be present in the list of installed software, because Directx is a set of APIs for programmers who write games and applications for the Windows environment. The tool helps to maximize the use of system resources when executing programs and single commands. But at the same time — being installed on the computer of the end user, not the programmer — it serves for the final practical implementation of the code on your device.

How DirectX appeared and why you need to download it

Computers from the mass user appeared 15 years ago. Operations and manipulations with the computer were difficult to do in the system without painful, difficult and inconsistent sequences of actions. The operation of a certain sequence of procedures on one computer did not mean their effectiveness on another personal computer. Without obvious reasons.

Problems with the launch of programs and games, with the connection and proper operation of the periphery, arose because the developers physically did not have the opportunity to provide for all possible configurations of equipment and operating environments. The list and approaches of software producers and related equipment was enormous.

The solution was found: API — a kind of instruction for the developer, in which Microsoft describes the principles and central points — the basics of the operating system. To use the described tool — to use the API — became a habit and a standard set of approaches to working in the circle of developers, solving the problem of unsystematic programming. Life of the end user has become comfortable.

What version of DirectX to download and what are the differences?

Want to download Directx 9 for Windows 10, which is outdated? Or do you need to download Directx 12 for Windows 10 — the latest version for today? Find out what functions it performs, and what version you need.

Microsoft in this software supports all operating systems that came out after XP, but you can install it on it. This will require non-standard and non-prescribed procedures in the OS documentation. The question about the version of DirectX depends on the source of the need for its installation. If you encounter a requirement to download it when installing the software, then it indicates which version of the application you want to use. If the operating system and the configuration of your computer are already obsolete, then there are no more demanding programs on them. The version does not matter in this case. And if the computer is productive, and you follow its condition, then it is desirable to install versions no lower than the eleventh, as the need for modern software or games that require its availability is unquestionable.

Earlier, when software and games were delivered on physical media, the installation kit of this library was already on the disk itself. Now that the user installs the software on his computer, he searches for it on the manufacturer’s website for this software. If you do not have a download link on it, it will look for a way to find and download Directx 10 for Windows 10 64 or 32 bit.

Where and how to download

The sequence of actions in case you need to install or update the described software library will be as follows:

  1. Learn the name of the version of DirectX installed on your computer. To do this, in the search bar below, where the «Start» menu write «dxdiag» and click the left mouse button on the appeared program.
  2. In the appeared window, look at the bottom line of the characteristics. The current version of the software is listed there (framed).
  3. In the event that the program you install requires you to download Directx 10 for Windows 7, then you need to go to the official website. Look for the right version.
  4. Scroll the page down to the end and see the Download Center at the top of the lower list of site sections. Click on it.
  5. Select a tab on a page called Windows and click on it.
  6. The search link is located at the top of the drop-down list of software available for download. If you need a different version — an older or special edition, scroll down the page below and find any version.
  7. Click on it. Select the download folder — the program will install itself when you run the downloaded file. The described sequence can automatically update Directx for Windows 10. Windows will automatically recognize the current version and give it to download it.

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