DirectX is a package of special libraries developed by Microsoft and designed to improve and optimize audiovisual performance of the computer.

DirectX drivers allow you to maximize the use of modern graphic adapters with three-dimensional capabilities, which allows us to recommend them to perform various multimedia tasks and does absolutely essential for gaming. Moreover, to install some games DirectX is a mandatory requirement.


To install DirectX on a computer just enough to run the executable file, which in turn will load some necessary components from the web. Then just follow the instructions of the installation wizard. This allows the installation program to install the version Direct X 9.0c, as well as previous versions. Version Direct X 11 is not available as a separate download, but is downloaded during the installation process.

Remember that when you install the new version Directx any previous version will be overwritten.

DirectX is an indispensable package of drivers and libraries to achieve maximum performance in games and multimedia applications.

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