Solution for 0x0175dcbb error in Sims 3


0x0175dcbb error in Sims 3 arises whether licensed and pirate versions of the Sims, as it can be caused by two main reasons – mods/add-ons and problems with drivers and various essential programs and libraries for normal Sims launch.

Sims 3

It is easily to find out which reason causes initialization error 0x0175dcbb. Locate the folder with the game, find the folder called Packages, rename it and if the error has disappeared — hence the reason was in mods/add-ons. But if the problem persists you will have to sort out the possible solutions until you find a solution to your case.

  1. Review the list of supported video cards for Sims 3 and if your video card is not in the list, the game will not work, but you can try different drivers that can start Sims. If your graphics card is supported by the game Sims 3, try to update the driver, or put an older version for drivers.
  2. Clean the registry with the help of Ccleaner program.
  3. Install the Windows updates — as a rule, together with the installation of updates, there will be upgrade for Net framework components, necessary for Sims 3.
  4. Update the DirectX for solving error 0x0175dcbb.
  5. Install the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package of all versions.
  6. If the game still fails with error 0x0175dcbb, remove Sims 3 and all the extras completely, clean the registry and re-install the game.

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  1. Sima 01.08.2018 in 21:49

    Hi .Do
    this game work with direct x11? Sims4 &sims3


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