How to remove DirectX on Windows 10?


We would like to start an article with what it is, why, how to remove it on Windows 10 and the early builds of operating systems. DirectX is a set of functions and procedures that solve the problems associated with programming for Microsoft products. Gamers constantly face this application, games are written under a certain version and the presence of the required assembly and / or later will guarantee stable operation.

Who is interested in this?

The search engines are full of requests — how to remove DirectX 12 on Windows 10 completely. Let’s say at once — the removal options are there, and they really work. First, we’ll figure out what situation it may be necessary to remove an application that does not even exist in the list of installed programs in Windows. The point is that if you need to upgrade to a newer version, users face a number of difficulties:

  • the operating system issues an error with the recommendation to delete the existing package;
  • when the game is accessed, the OS returns a message about the impossibility of starting the library.

The software will also be required to install an older version, instead of the existing one. I would like to say about the existing assemblies before proceeding with the removal instruction, as follows:

In relation to the version of Windows, DirectX was distributed as follows:

  • XP SP2 — 9.0c
  • 7 — 10
  • 8 — 11
  • 10 — 12

The version does not always correspond to the information stated above for a number of reasons.

What is installed in Windows?

Proverb: «Measure seven times, cut once» — best reflects the sequence of actions. So, let’s start by checking the installed set of API components, for this:

  • Press the key combination [Win] + [R];
  • In the dialog box that appears, select «Yes» or «No» at your discretion;
  • then the «DirectX Diagnostic Tool» will be opened in which the current version will be listed.

Removal: inevitability or the only way out?

As mentioned above, the task of removal can be when there is no possibility to install the required version. I want to remind you of the safe versions of the version change to the older one.

Download the installation package from the official resource and install it in automatic mode.

Updade the operating system using the «Update Center» or manually downloading with further installation.

If none of these options has helped, we will proceed with the deletion. We always recommend downloading the software only from proven resources and preferably from developer sites. Briefly about the software for different assemblies.

  1. DX Eradicator — free, weighs no more than 300 kb, is suitable for DirectX 9 — starting with 2, on Windows XP. Also cleans records in the registry and removes all traces. Download can be at
  2. DirectX Killer — license free, the volume is not more than 1 mb, the interface is Russian-speaking. Suitable for uninstalling DirectX 11 with support for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 7 and 8. You can download from here
  3. DirectX Happy Uninstall — performs the removal of DirectX in Windows 10, you can download from the developer’s site

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  1. adrix71 09.12.2018 in 19:58

    This article is This article is useless and deceptive.

    — directx eredicator does not support win10
    — directx killer does not support win10
    — dhu is not free


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