Download patch 1.0.757.2 for GTA 5 on PC

Fourteenth patch version 1.0.757.2 for GTA 5 on PC. GTA Online version is 1.34, this patch adds to the game update «Further Adventures in Finance and Felony«, which includes: eight new vehicles, office buildings for organizations, warehouses for buying and selling special goods, and new missions.

You must install this patch for Social Club or disc version of the game GTA 5. This patch will not work on pirated version!!!

How to install patch 1.0.757.2 for GTA 5 on PC

  1. Run and install GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_757_3.exe.
  2. Install Social-Club-v1.1.9.5-Setup.exe.
  3. Place the folder «mpexecutive» and «patchday10ng» Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\.
  4. Copy file GTA5.exe from the archive into the root game folder, replacing old.
  5. Copy the file «update.rpf» Grand Theft Auto V\update\ replacing the old.
  6. Run GTA 5 as usual, and play!
  7. If you start to appear problem, delete the folder «mpexecutive» and «patchday10ng«, and then start the game again.

All older versions of patches for GTA 5 are available on this page — Patches for GTA 5

Free Download Patch 1.0.757.2 for GTA 5 on PC

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  1. next 08.06.2016 in 07:57

    link not working for me

    • ROO 08.06.2016 in 08:02

      install mega sync app ,copy the above link ,choose import link in the mega sync app and it will start downloading

  2. RoO 08.06.2016 in 17:40

    admin it will be helpful if u add playgta.exe also

  3. shu 09.06.2016 in 05:28

    it will work for online

    • tfadmin 09.06.2016 in 08:23


  4. Axel 09.06.2016 in 20:33

    Is it working for pirated version .?

    • tfadmin 09.06.2016 in 20:35

      No. This patch is only for official versions of the game. To this patch worked on the pirated version, you need to find a hacked launcher.

  5. Kiran Antony 12.06.2016 in 17:39

    There seems to be no patch update along with this free download patch. I was needed to update online again after copying all files to respective folders. Around 572 MB of update still need to download. Why this is happening? Why there is no patch file along with this free patch download?

  6. moslim 14.06.2016 in 20:02

    it asked for activation why

    • ash 19.11.2016 in 22:34

      Your comment*download additional files

  7. moslim 14.06.2016 in 20:03

    do you have a hacked laucher

  8. Edgaras 28.06.2016 in 17:44

    a this oatch working witch creked gta v realoded

  9. Gonzalo 14.07.2016 in 00:33

    it asks me for the rockstar code and i dont have it, its steam version

    • tfadmin 16.07.2016 in 15:29

      No it is not for the steam version

      • KubiX 20.08.2016 in 00:07

        Uhm……. Retard??? He said HE HAS Steam Version not that you support Steam version….

  10. YGleBY 16.07.2016 in 15:25

    It’s only for GTA 5 Cracked version, or it’s working on GTA 5 License?

    • tfadmin 16.07.2016 in 15:28

      Yes. But not for steam.

      • YGleBY 16.07.2016 in 16:04

        For disk version it’s work?

        • tfadmin 16.07.2016 in 16:05


          • YGleBY 16.07.2016 in 16:11

            Ok, thx

  11. Atit 17.07.2016 in 06:50

    Do you have mpbeach mphipster mplts mppilot spupgrade dlc with only dlc.RPF?

    • tfadmin 17.07.2016 in 08:11

      We can prepare archive with these files. To load them for you on

  12. ThatsMe 17.07.2016 in 23:52

    can someone give me only the .exe?

  13. DODO 18.07.2016 in 22:54

    every time that i press the luncher to set it up ….it told me that gta v not installed on my system

    what should i do please respond

  14. enes 22.07.2016 in 15:25

    is it i am have to more before update download? my version 350.1

  15. Atit 24.07.2016 in 04:18

    Do anybody have mpbeach mphipster mpbusiness mpbusiness2 mpindependence mplts spupgrade dlc.RPF file only?

  16. gtav 31.07.2016 in 18:43

    Is he working on cracked version

  17. lopes17lr 08.08.2016 in 15:55

    este site e uma bosta pk nao tem a diz o k e preciso para instalar e ainda por cima vem em russo os arquivos

  18. Civi 12.08.2016 in 18:16

    corepack version does it work ?

  19. waqar shahid 25.08.2016 in 14:57

    plzz help me!!!!
    im facing a problem when i run gta 5 a tab of keys building appear and i dont know how to fix it plzz help!!!!

  20. arbaz 06.10.2016 in 20:44

    Gta v has stopped working error occours. Can anyone have solutions plz 

  21. Wesley 15.10.2016 in 22:15

    Shit, not work in pirated version, but thanks… I have that buy a GTA V original, pirated is a big shit!

  22. max 01.02.2017 in 06:41

    it is not working for me

  23. poria821 14.12.2017 in 15:07 This Update There isn’t Gold Print Jacket.Can You Tell me where is it?


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