Bloody R90 Plus Naraka gaming mouse review


At the beginning of 2023, the popular brand of gaming peripherals Bloody, together with Naraka: Bladepoint, released a collection of gaming accessories. The style of the devices is fully consistent with the game, which is especially liked by the players. The collection consists of a headset, keyboard, mouse and pad. All elements are worthy of attention, but today we will look at the Bloody R90 Plus Naraka gaming mouse, its characteristics, pros and cons.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

The Bloody R90 Plus Naraka gaming mouse is not only distinguished by its gaming style appearance, but also attracts with its performance characteristics. It has a wireless type, an optical sensor and a minimum resolution of 100/5000 dpi. The response time is claimed to be just 1ms, which is impressive. There is also a backlight that looks great with the design.

The device is equipped with 8 buttons that can be programmed as you wish. For the mouse, there is official software that helps you prepare for using the mouse in advance. The developer endowed the product with Ultra Core. This is a legitimate program that gives players an advantage.



The design, as mentioned earlier, resembles a game project. It is made in soothing gray tones. On the top of the case is an image of a red dragon.

Upon purchase, the user receives a box that has a magnetic mount. Inside is a mouse in a plastic blister. This solution makes it possible to evaluate the device without opening the package. There are other devices from this series on the back of the box, which works as a good advertisement for the players.

The package includes a user manual, a charging cord and a docking station. Its wire is 120 cm, so it is possible to reduce the distance to the receiver and reduce interference.

The device is made of high quality material. It has a matte finish, and the mouse itself is aimed at right-handers, as the shape is not symmetrical. The company logo on the body is in the very center, it is trying to be eaten by a red dragon. It has a backlight, which is complemented by a luminous line at the wheel.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Is it worth buying a new development for gamers? This, of course, is the choice of everyone, but we suggest that you familiarize yourself with its strengths and weaknesses, and only then make a decision.


  • stylish appearance;
  • optimal weight;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • deep customization of keys of different options.


  • low dpi.

How to setup?

How to setup

Before you start playing on a new mouse, it is important to set it up well. The model is wireless. The charging port is on the case. It is not suitable for connecting a mouse to a computer, that is, it still needs a receiver to work.

Setup involves the use of official software. Bloody 7 is offered to customers to download and install from the manufacturer’s website. The steps shouldn’t seem complicated, as there are hints and step explanations everywhere.

Users need to select the number of cores, and there is a common template with 4 cores:

  • First type. Responsible for strategies, first-person shooters. The template works well with mouse buttons, reduces delays in response. These settings are perfect for games that value reaction speed.
  • Second type. The second setting option is aimed at games where there are shots at one bullet, two or three. Buttons are placed under individual types of weapons. If the player selects this setting, then an additional tab will appear in the program, where it is possible to configure the side keys, for example, for sniper attacks.
  • Third type. This variation refers to the professional setting. It expands the already good possible players. The mode is suitable not only for a single shot, but also for triple, double and sniper at the same time. The template is similar to the previous one, but has more precise parameters. In addition to one additional tab, two more will appear where you need to select the characteristics for the game.
  • Fourth type. The customization model is aimed at fans of multi-user projects. It involves setting commands on one key, you can also put macros.

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