How to fix Denuvo not found crash in NieR: Automata?

Fans of NieR:Automata™ were very excited after the game release but this feeling was quite short. As all we know any game after release starts to have different problems  with optimization, error appearing and other issues. So, the problem of Denuvo not found crash that you have faced with is not unique case so you came to the right page as here we can present you all possible solutions to fix the issue in NieR:Automata™.

Method 1

1. Press install on from the game list (this will make folder inside steam).
2. Stop the download and close steam.
3. Copy all extracted files into that game folder. (usually under /steam/steamapps/common)
4. Before you start steam again, browse downloading (under /steam/steamapps/downloading), delete any trace of download in there (from this game)).
5. Start steam, but don’t double click Nier:Automata, what you do is right click, go to properties > local files > click check integrity …..
6. Wait a moment (it might take a long time), be aware this process will also download anything which is necessary.
7. After it is done, press play game
8. Hope it works and enjoy the game.

Method 2

The problem lies in that you have no ability and sufficient hardware to run NieR:Automata™ in a first-place, so check from nVidia graphics display panel that you’re set to use the dedicated graphics option instead of automatic. Also do not forget to check from the Windows power management options that you using «Performance» mode.

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