Modern Warfare Dev Error 6165 Fix


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launch from Infinity Ward was extremely difficult, and many players reported that MW broke their Xbox One devices and computers. One of these errors is Dev Error 6165, which causes a game crash when integrated into a single player or multiplayer game. and it’s a daunting task to fix it, so read and learn how to fix Dev Error 6165.

What we know about Modern Warfare Dev Error 6165?

It is little known about Dev 6165 because the error messages received by players do not reveal the cause. Reddit users say the error occurs when closing game screens and/or during the single player splash screen, resulting in a game crash. While the following methods can solve this problem for you, it is best to monitor Activision Twitter support and to see if Activision provides official bug information and possible fixes. For some variants, however, it is said that these methods work, so it is worth trying.

How to fix Modern Warfare Dev Error 6165?

Some players have reported that they have been able to correct errors and similar errors by setting specific graphics standards, especially those related to their computer monitors. Rodancheg said that while playing 2K Monitor with 2K resolution, he encountered Dev 6165 error and was able to work around it by converting it to Full HD. UltraMadBoomer reported that he had found another Dev 6606 error and was able to solve it by turning off the second monitor. These fixes indicate that Dev errors may be related to display settings.

However, the most reliable solution seems to be to uninstall and restart the game. Several users in the same Reddit chain reported that they made a mistake, including Shodan57, who said he also restarted his video drivers. Given the large size of Modern Warfare imports, this may take a long time, but it seems to be the most effective pest management solution.

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