Mafia 3

Event Mafia III takes place in new Bordeaux in 1968. This time is one of the most turbulent in US history, and the spirit of this age will thoroughly embodied in cars, fashion and music Mafia III. An anxious time was marked by the growth of corruption and crime – new-Bordeaux steeped in iniquity. The city is ruled by the Italian mafia, in whose hands is concentrated the control of drug trafficking, illegal casinos and brothels, and politicians and police are concerned only with their own enrichment.

The protagonist of Mafia III is a Vietnam veteran Lincoln clay. Survived the war, he returned to America, where no one is waiting to find his place in life. Lincoln joins a small gang that replace him family that he was deprived of since childhood. Things like work out, exactly to the moment, as the friends of clay, not crossing the road the Italian mafia and not paying for it with their lives. From this point for Lincoln, only one thing that matters is revenge. However, in order to achieve his goal, he needs to find new friends, build your Empire and change the balance of power in the criminal world of new Bordeaux.

With the development of the events in Mafia III, players will have to choose its own path of vengeance and build a criminal Empire based on stealth, information gathering and surveillance, or brute force and cruelty. Cinematic story of Mafia III will surprise you with unexpected twists and will respond to all accepted players decisions, and the city to change depending on the actions of Lincoln.