How to fix the blurry graphics in Mafia 3?


Finally, you have downloaded so awaited game but after launching you face with blurry graphics in it? In this article we provide all known solutions on how to fix the blurry graphics in Mafia 3? As for this moment, even developers don’t know what have caused this problem to appear, but some forums already find out that the issue appeared due to some problems with DSR and AA.

So, how to fix the blurry graphics in Mafia 3?

  • First of all, try to use DSR in case of using nVidia graphics card. You can some AF with the help of ontrol panel.
  • Second, try to lower AA or just turn it down at all.
  • Third, change ingame resolution to the monitor natives one.

Hope you will find you solution among above ones!

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  1. Tigran 11.10.2016 in 00:08

    Thanks! AA disabling helped!


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