How to Fix Issue With DSFix in Dark Souls 3 Running On Win10?

In PC version of Dark Souls 3 running on Windows 10 the game switches on default resolution in Borderless window mode, but uses the resolution set in fullscreen mode. Replacing textures and changing FPS options doesn’t solve the problem, but there is one option that can be available: it is necessary to run DARKSOULS.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

If this option doesn’t work out we also recommend to set following parameters as they are mentioned below:

  • borderlessFullscreen 1
  • forceWindowed 1 (at the very bottom of the ini)
  • forceFullscreen 0
  • ingame: Windowed (you could also try Fullscreen setting ingame, just test it out)

Also, you can manually edit file named DarkSouls.ini that is located on the following path [C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\NBGI\DarkSouls] in order to use your own specific resolution in case of using windowed mode (don’t forget to make the file as read-only).

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  1. Antman537 13.04.2016 in 06:38

    This sounds like it might be the issue I’m having, but switching to windows 7 compatibility mode does nothing for me. Where are you supposed to set the parameters you list? I’ve tried finding DarkSouls.ini to edit it, but the location you describe doesn’t exist. Do you have any further details?

  2. SG6 13.04.2016 in 09:16

    Same as Antman, can´t find any ini file :/

  3. SG6 13.04.2016 in 09:24

    Well, I just found something like that by putting %appdata%\DarkSoulsIII 

  4. some guy 13.04.2016 in 21:03

    Check appdata/roaming/Darksouls 3

  5. Antman537 13.04.2016 in 23:10

    That just took me to Antman 537\appData\roaming\DarksoulsIII, which is empty

  6. Steam User 14-4-16 14.04.2016 in 16:37

    «C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\NBGI\DarkSouls» is the directory for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, not the 3rd game…

  7. your fellow darksouls fan 17.05.2016 in 17:09

    Ignore what was posted here this fix is literally years old for dark souls 1 not the latest game.


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