How to fix flickering in Dark Souls 3?

Some players have reported about experiencing flickering during Dark Souls 3 launch. First thing you need to try is to be sure that refresh rate of your screen has the same meaning as in-game one (usually 60hz).

If this option doesn’t work, you will have to find xml configuration file located at: C:\Users\WhatYoursName\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII named GraphicsConfig.XML. Be sure to open the file with a help of text editor and in the line with Something, please add “WindowScreen” (in tags only) after which final line will look like: WindowScreen.

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3 комментария
  1. fuckyou 14.04.2016 in 18:34

    This is the most absolutely useless post I have ever read. «please add “WindowScreen” (in tags only) after which final line will look like: WindowScreen.» is not even english.

  2. youfuck 15.04.2016 in 00:30

    fuckyou is right, learn to english

  3. Josepalacios 15.04.2016 in 01:23

    I have no idea what they mean i been playing with the flicker screen all game long it’s really frustrating 


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