How to fix STUTTERING ISSUE in Dark Souls 3?

Some players after the release of Dark Souls 3 started to complain about the problem related to stuttering issues and in this article we present all the possible and working solutions to this problem.

First thing you have to do is to reinstall Steam to the different directory. You will have to delete every file but to leave folders steamapps and userdata. After installing Steam one more time you will need to place folders to the new created folder.

So follow these recommendations:
Download and Install Steam to the new directory that located preferably on another HDD.

After Steam launches it won’t see all your games immediately soy you will have to point them.

For example, you can do it by selecting the game, right click and then press Install Game. When the Steam will ask you about where to install a game, please be sure to mention your old steam directory to fix stuttering issues in Dark Souls 3.

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