World of Warcraft: Legion

The tomb of Sargeras again opened, and the demons of the Burning Legion poured into our world. All their terrifying power intended to summon to Azeroth, the dark Titan, and they have managed to find the key to his return.

The forces of the Horde and the Alliance seriously undermined, and only you can take the legendary artifacts, to explore ancient lands and Split Islands to find the relics and to challenge the Legion, is still alive the last hope of Azeroth.

In World of Warcraft: Legion added a whole lot of innovations, thanks to which you will be able to join the elite vanguard of Azeroth to combat the upcoming bad. Also, the developers have improved the transmogrification system so that players could collect different forms of items and keep the most liked, not wasting precious space in your bag. Maximum character level increased to 110, and one of the heroes, each player can pump up to level 100.