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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — will allow the user to continue playing in the amazing world of alternative reality. In this part, the plot unfolds five years after the escape of Carl Johnson from the fictional metropolis of Los Santos. This city has become dangerous to live in due to the incredible number of drug dealers, corruption, constant street fights and gangsters. Millionaires and famous film stars living in the elite neighborhoods try to pretend that everything is fine.

The main character was forced to return back to the premature death of his mother. She was killed, her brother and sister no longer communicate, and her friends are in trouble. Karl is not looking forward to a rosy prospect, but this is just the beginning. Arriving at the airport, he barely had time to go home when the unexpected happened. Corrupt police officers decided to pin the recent murder of their colleague on him. Johnson does not agree to put up with this, so the user must help him avoid this sad fate.
The only way out of this situation is to act, so Karl will have to travel around almost the entire state of San Andreas in order to protect himself, and save his loved ones from even more troubles.

Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK

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