How to fix DirectX11 device not found in Shadow Warrior 2?

Some players after the release of Shadow Warrior 2 started to face with the problem related to Shadow Warrior 2 during the game start. In this article we present how to fix this issue?

In order to fix this porblem with DirectX11 device not found in Shadow Warrior 2:

  1. Go to C:\Users\*\Saved Games\Flying Wild Hog\Shadow Warrior 2\profiles\steam_*/config.cfg
  2. Find line: r_fullscreen_monitor 0 and change it to: r_fullscreen_monitor 1.

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7 комментариев
  1. SirArevacoso 15.10.2016 in 23:42

    This line does not apear in my file

  2. Arseny Kovalkov 16.10.2016 in 22:11

    r_texture_quality «-1»

  3. Tran 17.10.2016 in 04:53

    yeah me too
    just have: r_texture_quality «-1»

  4. italo gustavo 22.10.2016 in 19:47

    só tem: r_texture_quality «-1»

  5. The__BaNE 08.11.2016 in 08:42

    if these lines dont appear then type : r_fullscreen_monitor «0»

  6. Sayan/ 10.11.2016 in 14:20

    i did the same thing as Directed but still saying Directx11 Device not found.
    any fix other than this ?

  7. Tasiek 07.01.2017 in 17:59

    I have only r_texture_quality “-1” line to , someone help with that ?


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