How to fix Error 88500014 in Far Cry Primal?

After the release and the first run of the game Far Cry Primal, many players experience a error 88500014, this error can appear under any circumstances. The game also may receive the error «Sorry, something went wrong, for solutions please visit». Error 88500014 is global, Ubisoft is aware of this problem and is taking steps to address it.

How to solve error 88500014 in Far Cry Primal?

The only solution to the error 88500014 in Far Cry Primal at the moment, it disable firewall or antivirus software. Unfortunately, this solution may not help everyone, in this case, you can only expect the patch.

This article will be updated, if other solutions 88500014 error is found.

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  1. Ferdany 01.03.2016 in 21:34

    It seems like i’m having a problem. My RP stops counting and misses me 3 skills…How can i make the last 3?


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