How to Update N3IL in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?

Infinite Warfare presents new companion robot called N3IL that provides the players with new challenges. In this article yu will find out how to update N3IL and also find more batteries.

Where to Find Batteries for N3IL?

  1. Complete 5-6 challenges after finding N3IL to get Legendary David Hasselhoff’s character.
  2. Find the Auxiliary Battery to get Knight Rider style Kit skin.
  3. Go to laser trap in Polar Peak or in Kepler System and get batteries.

Where to Find the Floppy Disk to Update N3IL?

  1. Go to basement or underground area on one of the workbenches to find the Floppy Disk.
  2. Return to N3IL and interact to complete the final set of challenges.

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