Modern Warfare installing shaders bug Fix


Modern Warfare installing shaders bug during installation do not allow players to access the game. This error informs the player that «installing shaders to optimize performance during gameplay but eventually ends up with in-progress and leaves the player connected to online services. Fortunately, there is a way to do this, even if it’s unpleasant.

If Modern Warfare gets stuck on installing shaders screen for a few minutes, you should not immediately assume that you are wrong. Some players report that this particular installation took about 10 minutes, which means that Modern Warfare could easily complete the installation on schedule. However, if your game is stuck on this screen for more than 10 minutes — players have reported waiting time — then rest assured that you have encountered an error but it can be fixed.

How to fix Modern Warfare installing shaders bug ?

Unfortunately, to resolve the installation error, you must disable installation completely. Exit the game by clicking the window or logging in to the Task Manager and completing all related tasks. Then restart Modern Warfare and wait for it to reappear on the screen. Players who have encountered this bug have reported that after rebooting, part of the shaders part installation is even longer, even if it works on the second attempt.

Hopefully this annoying error will be fixed in the future, but at this point, restarting the installation seems to be the only way to complete the installation after being caught by this blocking error.

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