Modern Warfare Spec Ops Safeguard Helicopter Bug Fix


Depression is still growing with the number of errors in new Modern Warfare. This time, Modern Warfare Spec Ops Safeguard Helicopter error means players can’t complete these types of missions and get rewards for it. Many have complained to Infinity Ward employees about releasing an incomplete game due to current problems. If you are one of them and would like to know how to fix this issue, let us know. Read Modern Warfare Spec Ops Safeguard Helicopter Bug Fix to see how to deal with this problem.

Before we get to this, let’s look at Safeguard missions and how you need to evacuate the helicopter. Safeguard is the type of game you have to defend your position from attacking forces waiting for evacuation. At the end of the mission it will be renewed by helicopter. You can go to it and enter by clicking the «Apply» button. This is Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, or E key on a PC computer.

How to fix Modern Warfare Spec Ops Safeguard Helicopter Bug?

Unfortunately, it is still not solved. The game is now judging by community as gamers want to know answers and fixes on different errors. This is one of them, of course, but as you write, Action Support tries to cope with the stress of people looking for their answers. Therefore, we cannot ensure that the supplier is aware of this particular error. You can report them by submitting a complaint on the website or Twitter account. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait anymore. Otherwise, people won’t play Spec Ops for long.

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