How to run a YouTube-video in landscape and portrait mode on the iPad

Much has changed with the advent of iOS 9 into our lives. For example, developers received a special API, through which can help to create applications to view videos «Picture in Picture» landscape on iPad devices. Okay, API appeared. But the technology giant Google is not going to renew its corporate YouTube app for iOS, to teach a popular video client playback videos on top of other applications. Fortunately, third-party developers do not sleep. At the moment there are two ways that offer us the opportunity to view YouTube-video on top of other programs. Let’s see exactly both.

How to run a YouTube-video in landscape and portrait mode on the iPad

Method №1: third-party application YouPlayer

The application from a third-party without any problems replace official YouTube client from Google. YouPlayer program carries a special module, so you can watch YouTube video hosting over any application on your iPad.

It should be noted that app has pleasant and user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can select the quality of video playback with a single click. There is a special quality modes for 3G and Wi-Fi networks. By the way, it is possible to change YouPlayer theme, choosing between light and dark. The good news is that the program is distributed for free in App Store.

Method №2: YouTube Web application PIP

If you do not want to bother with installing a new application then try a web YouTube application PIP. To use this method, you must know the link of required video (standard YouTube client reference can be obtained from the button «Share»). So, we perform a few simple steps:

  • open the Safari browser
  • Go to the website application
  • See the line you want to enter the video link (or paste from clipboard)
  • Then press the GO button
  • Obtain the desired video, which can easily be detached from the browser according to the Apple idea
  • Watch video in window

As you can see, both methods are very simple to use. It is more convenient to use the entire application than ever to copy links to a string on YouTube PIP but you decide. Hopefully, Google will soon add support for the regime «Picture in Picture» in YouTube the firmware application to make this function more convenient.

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