How to view website source code on iPad or iPhone?

You can view web page source code on iPhone and iPad simply and there are as many as two effective ways. Read description for both ways and choose the most suitable for you.

How to view website source code on iPad or iPhone?

How to View Web Page Source Code on Your iPhone or iPad in Safari?

Step 1. Download View Source from App Store

Step 2. Launch Safari and got to menu «Share»

Step 3. Press «More» and make View Source active

Step 4. Go to the page, which page source you want to view

Step 5. Go to «Share» and press View Source

How to  view webpage HTML source codes on iPhone and iPad in other browser?

Third-party applications provide a wider range of functions for working with the source code of web pages. One of them is called iSource

Step 1. Download and install iSource. As an alternative, you can use even more powerful, but paid tool Srcfari

Step 2. Launch iSource and go to the page which source code you are interested in

Step 3. Press special button in the browser and press html icon in appeared menu


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